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We believe that the work we do today will have a profound impact on generations to come. As the nation’s leading ESOP trust company, we are proud to offer unmatched expertise to guide you through every step of your ESOP journey.

Aegis Trust Company is the benchmark for excellence in ESOP administration.

Transactional Trustee

Our support, our commitment

When we are appointed as an ESOP Transactional Trustee, we are responsible for making fiduciary decisions that are in the best interest of plan participants. If the ESOP is just being formed, we acquire the stock of that company from its owners. If the ESOP is being terminated or sold, we ensure that fair market prices are upheld.

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Choose Aegis as Your Transactional Trustee

During the critical period of an ESOP transaction, you can rely on us for the trustworthy and transparent support your company deserves.

Ongoing Trustee

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As an ongoing ESOP trustee, we manage the annual work of administering an ESOP. This includes monitoring performance, valuing shares, overseeing stock allocations to participants, and reviewing financial statements. Our role is to manage the plan on behalf of the employees, ensuring share prices are fair market value and that all regulations are followed.

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Choose Aegis as Your Ongoing Trustee

Every ESOP requires ongoing administrative management. We provide this service to hundreds of companies from diverse industries, all across the nation.

ESOP Consulting

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An ESOP requires complex administrative attention on the front end and on an annual basis and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires strict adherence. As an ESOP consulting team, we are uniquely qualified to answer questions and provide guidance.

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Choose Aegis as Your ESOP Consultant

With decades of combined experience and an exclusive focus on ESOPs, we are uniquely positioned to be your best resource for ESOP consulting.

Exit Strategy Consulting

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When we provide consulting on exit opportunities for business owners, we determine all the reasonable options and help the owner and/or leadership team weigh every pro and con. Ideally, the business exit strategy will benefit all parties involved - including the owner and family, the employees, the successor, and the business itself.

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Choose Aegis as Exit Strategist

Hiring an experienced ESOP exit strategy consultant is crucial for guiding businesses through complex employee stock ownership plan transitions, ensuring seamless exits, and maximizing shareholder value.

Tomorrow starts here.

ESOPs offer diverse benefits that create a thriving work environment and a lasting legacy.