The Future of ESOP Transactions: The Impact of Digital Transformation

July 11, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has only expedited the inevitable digitization of the global economy, particularly online transactions and banking.

The influence of technology on ESOPs, and the entire financial industry, is ever changing and ever strengthening. The future of ESOP transactions must be taken into account when starting or managing an ESOP.

The Future of ESOP Transactions

The Digital Transformation

There is much more to managing an ESOP than just the transactional aspects. The influence of the digital transformation upon ESOPs will be broken down into three aspects below:

Financial transactions: Digital banking, eCommerce, payment gateways, management via artificial intelligence, and other financial technological solutions are on the rise. Known as Fintech, the integration of technology and finance has and will continue to change the landscape of monetary transactions.

In the future, these technological advancements will facilitate ESOP payment and liquidity, even potentially permitting employees to manage ESOPs with their payroll account.  Although the impact of digital transformation on ESOP transactions is not entirely clear in foresight, these benefits will inevitably help your company’s ESOP management.

Record keeping: A new technology, known as Blockchain, can be used by companies to replace multifaceted and complicated record keeping methods with secure and transparent ledgers. Using network-wide cryptography, Blockchain is an always increasing list of assets and transactions. This technology can help companies produce contracts with pre-set transfer and release requirements, improving liquidity and lowering costs of corporate governance.

Administration: As technology changes at an accelerating rate, higher-functioning administrative software is often needed to maintain basic management. Software as a Service (SaaS) mitigates this problem of outdated software. SaaS is purchased as a license and used as a subscription, allowing automatic updates and application improvements. With SaaS, Businesses can manage and track ESOPs on always up-to-date administrative software.

Although technology will always be changing, acknowledging these three aspects of digital transformation can radically help manage ESOPs with ease and transparency.

The Impact on ESOP Transactions

All three of these digital transformations inevitably change how ESOPs function and how directors, shareholders, employee fiduciaries, trustees, and administrators interact with each other.

Properly utilized, the digital transformation on ESOP transactions, records, and administration can improve feasibility and communication for all parties involved, making the benefits of ESOPs more easily accessible.

How to Keep Up

The currently available technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, is purely the tip of an iceberg.  As the financial world’s interaction with technology becomes more fluid, it is essential that ESOPs can keep up with the technology of tomorrow.

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