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Empowering Shared Success

As an Aegis client, you will experience our well-rounded in-house expertise and deep mastery of regulatory requirements, all driven by our sincere passion for what we do. Gain confidence in our protection, peace of mind in our expertise, and limitless growth potential when you work with Aegis.

We love what we do, and all we do is ESOPs.

What is an ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows employees to own a piece of the company they help build. Through stock acquisition, it fosters a culture where responsibility is shared and every success is collective.

Why Does Aegis Support ESOP Companies?

We believe in the transformative power of ESOPs for business owners, employee owners, and the society at large. ESOPs promote a sense of shared ownership and success, leading to more prosperous and equitable businesses.

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What is an “Aegis”?

In Greek mythology, Zeus carried a protective shield known as the "Aegis" - symbolizing protection and wisdom. At Aegis, we are committed to being your protector and guide as we safeguard you against adversity. We steadfastly support ESOPs through comprehensive services and expertise.

Aegis's Beliefs

Our beliefs form the bedrock of everything we do. They guide our every action, fuel our passion, and serve as our compass in the journey towards transforming the economy through ESOPs.

We believe that ESOPs can transform American business.

When employees are also owners, everyone benefits in the long term. ESOPs build generational wealth and create a more equitable economy.

We believe in collaboration and mutual respect.

Our internal and external working relationships are built on trust and transparency. We are a closely-knit group of ESOP enthusiasts who bring our best selves to work, every single day.

We believe in the impact of our work.

The work we do today will have a profound impact on generations to come. We take that responsibility seriously and always go above and beyond for every client in our portfolio.

With Aegis, your ESOP is in capable and caring hands.

Think of us not merely as your ESOP trustee, but as your steadfast advisor and guardian for your company and its employees, adeptly navigating the intricacies of ESOP management

We offer you confidence and peace of mind in your journey to shared success. My firm belief is that ESOPs can transform businesses and create a more equitable economy, and I'm excited to help guide your company towards this prosperous future.”

Robert E Lesser, Esq.
President & CEO
Share a Big Vision
Believe in the value of shared success and employee empowerment
Embody Long-Term Thinking
Seek a strategic, long-term partner to manage their ESOP
Seek a strategic, long-term partner to manage their ESOP
Aegis provides tailored ESOP solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries, making employee ownership accessible to everyone.
Who We Serve

Aegis' Clients

We collaborate with forward-thinking leaders aiming to steer their companies to new heights, anchored by a foundation built for enduring success. 

Who We Serve

The Aegis Team

We work with visionary leaders who wish to guide their companies into the future with a strong, autonomous structure. Prior to implementing their ESOP, our clients demonstrated consistent earnings and employed at least 20 people.

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